Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome to Rick's View on Food.

Hi everyone!

I've decided to branch out in many new directions.  One of these, which is very vital for me, is food.  Food glorious food.  All regions, all countries and all good. 

I'm going to visit it from my point of view:  Gay man of a certain age and a certain skill set in the kitchen.  I'm a Julia Child cook.  I watched her for years on that black and white TV.  I wish I knew then what I know now.  Country food.  Gourmand, not flashy.  Things we all want to eat.

For novices, something to inspire and grow your skill.  For the more facile cook, less dictation and more appreciation for the food we make and present at home.

The recipes will be from my family and from websites all over the web.  I'll have made the recipe and offer my opinions on things that may "get you" and places where I think you can modify.

Also, I'm a canner.  I hope to start with a primer and then I'll post some of my canning recipes.

All in all, I hope it will be fun, interactive and a learning tool for all of us.

Day one.  Here we go!

Do I dare sign out "Bon Appetit"


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