Monday, September 19, 2011

Grape Jelly.

I first remember making grape jelly under the age of five in the old kitchen at my parents house.  I remember lots of women all doing different processes.  There was the wood stove in the middle of the room and an old cast iron sink.  Kitchen cabinets with windows in the doors.

Someone was crushing grapes, boiling them, packing them into grape jelly jars...literally Welch's jelly jars.  There was wax for sealing the jars.  I remember tons of jars each year.

The source of the grapes was the grape arbor in the back yard.  A prized possession of the family.

Follow a grape jelly recipe from your favorite source.  Here are some shots of the process to help you along.  This is a two day process so plan ahead!

This is the first time we got grapes on our vines.  Also harvested at my parent's house.

A perfect bunch of Concord Grapes

Washed and ready to de-stem.  That colander is three times normal size

The mash. I think this is cool looking

100% pure grape juice...inedible.  This needs to hangout in the fridge overnight

These are the remnants of the grapes

Next day.  You need to strain out the crystals that formed overnight
Just before adding sugar.

I should have taken a pic of the rolling boil and then the canned product.  Hope this helps when you make jelly!

Happy eating!

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