Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Better than Boullion / Finding a Butcher.

You need to have Better than Boullion in your fridge!  I found this a while back.  It really builds up stews/braises.  It's like glace that's even thicker.  Don't need much.  More economical than cans of broth.  This and water is better than the can.

Better than Boullion.  Beef, chicken...the usual suspects.  Saw this today at a little meat market (McKinnons) in Danvers and couldn't believe it was there. 

Oh, did I tell you I'm interview butchers for this fall as I'm going "French".  My favorite, Henry's Market knew what 'caul fat', 'pork fat' and 'pork belly' but had to order minimums that wouldn't be favorable for them.  Savenor's has everything I want, but they are in Cambridge...I've got to ask them if they deliver. 

The girl on the floor at McKinnons was not very helpful.  She should have called in one of the butchers.  I asked her about the pork fat and her answer was that they threw it out at the end of the just have to be here at the right time. That is not customer service.  She should have said:  How much do you want and we'll put it aside for you, just call ahead.  I did buy a couple of blade steaks that are braising right now.  ;)

Blade steaks becoming Smothered Steaks finished with heavy cream and some fresh lemon juice.

Get ready for fall!

Happy Eating!

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