Friday, August 19, 2011

Skillet Corn

This was SO delish and SO easy. Even Robbie liked this one. We made in a small copper pan using six small ears of corn. I think you could scale this up and down as needed. I used pretty much the same proportions of the other ingredients.

From the Lindentree Farm CSA newsletter.
From the Boston Public Market Weekly Newsletter
Courtesy of Chef Christian Nolan

A simple preparation of pure corn goodness. Try
it straight or punch it up with spices.

2 tablespoons vegetable oil (not olive)
8 ears of shucked corn
1 teaspoon kosher salt (1/2 teaspoon table salt)
2 tablespoons heavy cream
1/4 cup all-purpose flour

(optional - 1/2 teaspoon or more to taste of chili
powder, smoked paprika, Old Bay seasoning)

Pour 2 tablespoons oil into 9-10 inch oven-proof
skillet (cast iron is ideal). Place skillet in oven
and preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Cut the kernels off cobs into a large bowl (pick
out any remaining corn silk). Add remaining
ingredients and stir together.

After the skillet has been in the oven for 20-30
minutes remove (CAREFULLY, IT'S HOT) and
pour the corn mixture into the oiled skillet. Press
down evenly with spatula. Return to oven for 40
minutes. (Keep an eye on it – timing will depend
on how big your ears of corn are.)

Remove when the top is golden brown. Allow to
sit for 5 minutes. Run a knife around the edge of
the skillet. Cover the skillet with a cutting board
or large serving platter. Invert. Give the skillet a
hard rap with something solid. If all goes well, a
golden disk of corn will have slipped right out.

Can serve 3-8 depending on how much your
guests like corn. I never seem to have leftovers

It really was easy and there were no leftovers at my house last night.

Happy Eating!

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