Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest cookbook addition

I'm a little behind on posting....

This is my latest cookbook addition.  Probably the last type of book I buy in hardcopy.  Just love to flip through and tag what I really find yummy.

"Around My French Kitchen" by Dorie Greenspan.

Well, some of the recipes are great favorites...I find her commentary to be a little uppity.  I had not heard about her before purchasing this book, but the cover claims she's a James Beard recipient.  It didn't elaborate.

"Mastering the Art" is still my favorite and the first cookbook I bought with my own money.  I've had my copy since high school.  And the book looks the worse for wear having traveled form apartment to house to house.

I'm still waiting for a copy of Andrew Boredain's "Les Halles" cookbook.  Oh, I didn't mention that I think I'm going French this fall.  Stay tuned.

Happy Eating.

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