Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Dishes

Well, I'm still in food coma from yesterday, but I think everyone had fun.  Had 18 adults and 4 little kids...and the dog was so happy to see everyone!

Appetizers and desserts were provided by our guests:  the family chicken wing recipe, baked stuff shirmp, Mexican dip...then the pies and sweets...and Italian cookies!

The table.  Flowers from the colors.  They do really great work.  The three arrangements had orchids in them...lovely.
Yes, the walls in our dining room are painted red.  Actually BenMoore "Country Redwood".  The drapery fabric is a reproduction of a men's waistcoat fabric from India c. 1780. Thank goodness my sister has those folding chairs!  Many would have been sitting on the floor!

The Sweet Potato "Cannelloni" was a crowd pleaser.

Thin slices of sweet potato filled with a puree of sweet potato, spices, parmesan and apples.  Topped with shaved parmesan and toasted walnuts.... It was a little fussy, but I had time Thursday AM having prep'ed the rest of the meal the night before.

More coming!

Happy Eating!

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