Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cook-a-thon update.

It's 4:30 Saturday, I'm pooped.  You may remember that my new range hadn't been leveled up to the counter.  Guess who called this morning?  Right.  Lost an hour this afternoon while the guys were here. And I could heat the oven cause they had to move the range.  I didn't get the potatoes peeled...ick.  One stuffing more to make.  Guess I'm not sitting down to watch the Macy's Parade!  I tried.  Taking lots of photos.

Happy Eating!


  1. Won't they be staying for dinner?

  2. Mike and I entertained each other.

    I cooked a 12-lb. Butterball (hey, it was free) with oyster-chestnut stuffing. I also made biscuits and cranberry sauce from scratch. Mike roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic and Kalamata olives, topped with warm Boursin. He also made pecan brittle for dessert, but I haven't munched that far yet.

    The hardest part was the biscuits, which require split-second timing in both the shortening and baking process. Mike said mine were pretty good, but I now see why few people bother.

    Lesson of the day: You SO do not have to sew up a turkey, as long as you don't stuff it too hard (it's going in the oven, not a sling).