Monday, March 12, 2012

Cornish Hen (Small Chicken)

We're trying to eat lighter dinners...and keep down the leftovers.  Here's my attempt at Cornish Hens.  I put some lemon wedges in the bird before wrapping it in bacon and trussing.  It's laying on a bed of aromatics that really add value to the pan drippings.



One little acted done...but wasn't.  This was about the third roast that wasn't finished in an appropriate time.  A couple of nights ago, I made homemade pizza and after 10 minutes on 450...not much was happening.  So then I went to reset the temperature and when I did it showed it was down at 315 degrees.  So I went to the broiler and that didn't come on!  Needless to say GE is coming in the AM.

Happy Eating!

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