Thursday, October 6, 2011

Roux Who?

A roux.  It's a thickening agent for stove top cooking.  It's the basis for many sauces and gravies.  You can thicken almost anything with a roux.

In a small to medium sized saucepan over medium heat melt 1T of butter.  When foamy whisk or blend with spoon 1T of flour.  You need to cook the flour for a minute or so to get out the floury taste.  From here add 1C of your liquid.  I like to add in three or so pours until it's all incorporated.  I like taking a little time to see how thick it's going to get and depending on the application I might add a little less or more.  Reduce heat and let it bubble.  Correct seasoning.

Some tips: 
  • The longer the roux cooks the darker it gets and it can take on a little bit of a nutty flavor.  Your resultant sauce will be darker as well.  This is helpful when you are making beef gravy.
  • Some people say the liquid should be hot as well.  ie.  Adding hot to hot or cold to cold.  In the case of a roux, it would get lumpy.  I don't heat my liquids....a few more spins of the whisk or spoon.
Simple, quick and a must know for all cooks!

Happy Eating!

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